Our Roll Pro© shutter technologies do not simply apply to cabana windows, but can provide the same amazing features to enhance your garage doors and provide ease of operation with a variety of computerized and manual control units.

Our laneway and garage roll shutters have been used for a variety of protective purposes, such as garage doors, warehouse storage doors or even boathouse doors. Since Roll Pro© coated aluminum does not rust the way metal based doors do, they are a perfect fit for safe storage in particularly wet conditions.

Roll Pro© ‘s laneways are designed for the needs of your space, to fit into compact spaces, where mass produced garage doors cannot. With our manufacturing team, we make sure that your project is optimized to your specific needs, taking into account the variety of features we offer.

Your peace of mind is our goal, that is why safety and security is a prime feature for customers that choose our roll up shutters as their go to for laneway doors. Vandalism and theft are key concerns that we target, keeping in mind stability and strength by implementing reinforced yet lightweight aluminum.