Roll Pro© offer Roll Shutters operated manually by Cord, Crank or Spring. Our motorized Roll Shutters use home automation motors that can be controlled with wireless transmitters, sensors and timers.


Tape Coiler

  • For Small-Med Windows and Counters
  • Multiple Open Positions
  • Auto-Lock Mechanism

A9R2k1tz5_1cwpy6o_7mkTape Winch

  • For Med.-Lg. Windows, Patio/Shed Doors and Counters
  • Multiple Open Positions
  • Auto-Lock Mechanism

A9Rsqywx5_1y0jzux_79kSpring Manual Push Up

  • For Med.-Lg. Counters, Sheds and Storage
  • Cylinder Key Lock on Bottom Slat
  • Adjustable Tension

A9Rsd0ri_1cwpy6r_7mkRemovable Hand Crank

  • Awning-Style Removable Crank
  • Auto-Lock Mechanism
  • Suitable for hard to reach top coiling box


  • Hardwire Motors controlled with Key Switch or Maintained Paddle Switch
  • Radio Motors with Multi-Channel Wireless Key Fob, HandHeld or Wall Mount Remotes
  • Manual Override and Photo Cells for Roll Up Garage Doors