Cannabis Shutters

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, marijuana dispensaries are now one of the most common storefronts to be found along commercial hotspots, unfortunately this means that they are also a prime target for thieves, burglars and vandals. Stores which are selling cannabis require specific physical security features to protect the public, store’s inventory and funds.

In most scenarios, a Cannabis Dispensary license will not be issued to an applicant who has a lack of the physical security requirements in the store building. Roll shutters are a cost-effective solution. With Roll Pro© product, your glass storefront windows or doors will be covered with our shutters. It will strengthen your store security and enable you to run your business calmly.

There are many options with our roll up doors for cannabis stores. Since each of our product is a custom made, you will choose how we build your shutter from the scratch. Dimensions, manual or motorized, colors, keypads, remotes, etc. Is all bespoke to your specific needs.