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Roll Pro© Rolling grill shutters can also be known as chain link roller shutters, or bar roller grilles. They’re an easy-to-use alternative to concertina shutters, and maintain a large amount of visibility while ensuring your property or space is safe and secure. Typically made using aluminum, rolling grill shutters are a popular choice for council planning departments who discourage solid shutters. They allow walking visitors to browse window displays outside of opening hours, increasing the perceived economic value of a local community. They are a popular choice for shopping malls, and medical buildings as well, as they provide a highly secure internal boundary while allowing a sense of light and space.

A rolling grill shutter door can improve security in a number of ways. Firstly, the door is much more difficult to force open than a conventional door, as the overlapping slats make it virtually impossible to gain purchase. Secondly, the door is also more difficult to break through, as the aluminum rods that make up the frame are extremely strong and difficult to bend or break. Finally, the door is also more effective at deterring thieves and intruders, as the rolling motion makes a lot of noise that will alert people in the vicinity. If you’re looking for a durable and effective security solution for your property without creating a solid metal wall for passers-by, look no further. Made using premium grade materials, our rolling grill shutters are tough, reliable, and lightweight. They’re also economical and require minimal maintenance.